• Bible Studay every Tuesday at 10am
    • AA Meeting every Friday 1pm
    • 11/14 Committee Night 7:00
    • 11/15 Faith Quest 5:30
    • 11/19 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 11/19 Grief Group 9:30
    • 11/19 Adult Forum: Being Lutheran 9:30
    • 11/19 New Partners in Ministry Mtg 12:15
    • 11/21 Thanksgiving Eve, Eve Pie Fest 5:30
    • 11/21 Bishop's Call to Pray, Fast & Advocate
    • 11/26 Christ the King 8/9:30/10:45
    • 11/28 Church Council 7:00
    • 11/29 Adventfest: Dinner 5:30 Crafts 6:00
    • 12/3 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 12/5 Yoga 9:00
    • 12/5 Bible Study 10:00
    • 12/5 Advent Worship11:15am
    • 12/6 Faith Quest 5:30
    • 12/6 Advent Worship 7:00pm
    • 12/10 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 12/10 Caroling Party 11:45
    • 12/12 Yoga 9:00
    • 12/12 Bible Study 10:00
    • 12/12 Advent Worship 11:15
    • 12/13 Faith Quest 5:30
    • 12/13 Advent Worship7:00pm
    • 12/13 Middle School Christmas Party 6:30
    • 12/15 High School Christmas Party 6:00
    • 12/17 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 12/17 Christmas Potluck & Decorating
    • 12/19 Yoga 9:00
    • 12/19 Bible Study 10:00
    • 12/19 Advent Worship 11:15 am
    • 12/20 Faith Quest 5:30
    • 12/20 Advent Worship 7:00pm
    • 12/21 Preschool Jesus' Birthday Party 6:30
    • 12/24 Worship 10:00
    • 12/24 Christmas Eve Worship 4/7/9:00
    • 12/25 Christmas Day Worship 10:00
    • 12/31 Worship 8/9:30/10:45

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Pastor Dave Palma-Ruwe

Pastor Dave has been a partner in ministry with Holy Trinity for 13 years. He began his ministry in Houston Texas over 27 years ago. Pr Dave and Bobbi have two children, Isaac and Allisun. photo - Isaac Palma-Ruwe

A graduate of Luther Seminary, Pr Dave has a passion for social ministry and God's work in the world.  He is extremely pleased that he serves a Reconciling in Christ congregation that embraces diversity. He is excited to see how God's kingdom continues to become a reality in the world. He feels honored to follow Jesus with the people of Holy Trinity.





Pr Sonja Sandquist, daughters Symone, Monique, and Pr Gordon Sandquist

Pastor Sonja Sandquist

Pastor Sonja Sandquist and her husband, Pr. Gordy Sandquist, have two daughters, Symone and Monique. Pr. Sonja has served congregations in Colorado, Missouri, and Kansas. She brings over 26 years of ministry and deep love for the church.  Sonja has a passion for youth and family ministry. She enjoys team ministry and gets energy from working with other leaders in a multiple staff setting. Pr Sonja brings many gifts to ministry. We are very fortunate that she is called to share her gifts with Holy Trinity. 


Carole Hedrick (Organist)

Carole Hedrick served as an organist and/or choir director in Nebraska, New Jersey, and Texas churches before moving to Denver in 1998.  As a teenager, she traveled weekly from her home in Gordon, NE to Scottsbluff for organ lessons.  She received her bachelor's degree in music at Trinity University (San Antonio) and master's degree in sacred music at Union Theological Seminary (NYC).  Her "day job" is corporate paralegal for Catholic Health Initiatives.  She has a daughter, Elizabeth - a talented singer and current bee researcher/student.  Carole enjoys working with singers and instrumentalists alike, and invites Holy Trinity members to offer their talents for special music offerings when the choirs aren't participating on Sundays.

Pastoral Intern Nicole Garcia

Nicole Garcia became a Pastoral Intern this June with Holy Trinity. Nicole is completing her studies toward ordination in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Nicole began her education toward ordination in 2013. Nicole has served community as parole officer, teacher, counselor, and nationally recognized speaker. Nicole writes, "I was called to become a Lutheran due to the theology of Martin Luther. Luther realized the theology of his day had taken the people away from the gospel. I am a Lutheran because Christ is the Word made flesh. My life is guided by the Theology of the Cross and I hope we will journey together as a people dedicated to Jesus Christ." Holy Trinity is grateful and anticipating the incredible light Nicole offers to our path as a community serving all of God's children.