• AA Meeting every Friday 1pm
    • NO Faith Quest in MAY
    • 5/9 10am Bible Exploration
    • 5/11  11:30am Clergy Text Study
    •       12:15 Preschool Moms Day
    •       1:00 Piece Circle
    • 5/14   Worship 8 (Lil Ringers)/ 9:30/ 10:45 
    • 5/15  Newsletter Deadline
    • 5/16  4:30 Advocacy Team
    • 5/21   Worship 8/ 9:30/ 10:45
    •       9:30am Grief Group
    •       9:30am Faith & Environment Forum
    • 5/24   7pm El Paso Trip Planning Meeting
    • 5/26   Camp Out at Church
    • 5/28   Worship 8/10:45
    •       9:30am Outdoor Camp Worship
    • 5/29   Memorial Day - Office Closed
    • 6/4    Worship 8/9:30
    •       10:45 Worship with Affirmation of Faith
    •       9:30 Welcome Pastoral Intern Nicole Garcia
    •       6:30pm Tavern Talk
    • 6/9 - 17 El Paso Immersion Trip

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care- When life throws us one of those challenges- death, divorce, unemployment, illness, a change in our life circumstances the love of God is there to surround and sustain us. This can come to us through the loving and caring provided by one of the Pastors, or one of our trained Caring Listeners. If you or someone you know could benefit from one-on-one care giving, please talk to Pastor Dave at 303 798-1356 ext. 14 or Pastor Sonja 303-798-1356 ext. 11.

“Beloved let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God” 1John 4:7




Grief Support

The grief support group meets twice a month at Holy Trinity.

First Sunday at noon following worship.

Third Sunday at 9:30am 

This safe place and supportive group are open to everyone who is grieving the death of a loved one.  It makes no difference how long ago that death took place.  It is facilitated by trained caring ministers.