• AA Meeting every Friday 1pm
    • Bible Exploration every Tuesday at 10:00am
    • Some event highlights below: Full calendar available under the "Newsletter" tab 
    • 10/28 Worship at 8/9:30/10:45
    • 10/31 Jubilate Ringer 6:30
    • 11/4 All Saints Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 11/4 Grief Group Noon
    • 11/6 Assiting Ministers 6:30
    • 11/7 Faith Quest 5:30
    • 11/11 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 11/11 Adult Forum: Stuff 9:30
    • 11/13 Finance Committee 7:00
    • 11/14 Faith Quest 5:30
    • 11/17 Open Arms Food Bank 10:00
    • 11/18 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 11/18 Grief Group 9:30
    • 11/20 Advocacy 4:30
    • 11/20 Tday Eve, Eve Pie Feast 5:30
    • 11/21 No Faith Quest
    • 11/22 Office Closed
    • 11/23 Office Closed
    • 11/25 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 11/27 Church Council 7:00
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Global Ministry

El Paso, Texas - June Immersion Trip

A HTLC group traveled to El Paso, Texas in June 2017! Senior High Youth and Adults partnered with community at La Frontera with Iglesia  Luterana Cristo Rey.  We were immersed in the community, learned about advocacy on the border and served through the children's program. El Paso TX, June 2017

El Tronador - June Immersion Trip

A HTLC group traveled to El Tronador, El Salvador in June of 2016! We shared time and experiences with our brothers and sisters, learned about their lives and played with the children. We also had time to learn El Salvardoran history as told by the people and the Bishop of the Lutheran Church in El Salvador.


Generosity abounds! The families of El Tronador are asked to pay for school but this is impossible for this impoverished community.  Holy Trinity Lutheran Church has been part of educating these youth for nearly 20 years with scholarships which cover tuition, uniforms, books, and supplies. Last year enough funds were collected to send 33 children to school!!  The opportunity to minister to God's world in this way does not end. The children and pastors share greetings throughout the year.


SCHOLARSHIPS ARE BEING FUNDED NOW. It costs approximately $200 for a child to attend school. Please prayerfully consider helping this appreciative community and its' beautiful children. - Muchas Gracias

KIVA Micro Loans

Kiva Micro Loans are a great way to help people escape poverty.  Stop by the Global Missions bulletin board and read some of the stories of how the people of Holy Trinity are helping all over the world.  Join the fun at  Look for a Sunday coming soon when we will make more loans as part of our God's Work, Our Hands Sunday.



COFFEE & CHOCOLATE FROM EQUAL EXCHANGE Chocolates and coffee are in stock now. Please check our display in the Narthex for your delectable delights! As you may know, Lutheran World Relief/Equal Exchange is a fair trade organization who partners with small farmers worldwide. Chocolate bars are $2.50, Coffee is $7.00. Payment can be cash or check, just drop it in the bank on the Narthex table. 



Come and See

The Missions committee meets the second Tuesday of the month at 5:45pm. 

This team is active in supporting our sister congregation in El Salvador, helping with a health care effort in a community in Tanzania, and helping our congregation do God's work out in the world.