• Bible Studay every Tuesday at 10am
    • AA Meeting every Friday 1pm
    • 11/14 Committee Night 7:00
    • 11/15 Faith Quest 5:30
    • 11/19 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 11/19 Grief Group 9:30
    • 11/19 Adult Forum: Being Lutheran 9:30
    • 11/19 New Partners in Ministry Mtg 12:15
    • 11/21 Thanksgiving Eve, Eve Pie Fest 5:30
    • 11/21 Bishop's Call to Pray, Fast & Advocate
    • 11/26 Christ the King 8/9:30/10:45
    • 11/28 Church Council 7:00
    • 11/29 Adventfest: Dinner 5:30 Crafts 6:00
    • 12/3 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 12/5 Yoga 9:00
    • 12/5 Bible Study 10:00
    • 12/5 Advent Worship11:15am
    • 12/6 Faith Quest 5:30
    • 12/6 Advent Worship 7:00pm
    • 12/10 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 12/10 Caroling Party 11:45
    • 12/12 Yoga 9:00
    • 12/12 Bible Study 10:00
    • 12/12 Advent Worship 11:15
    • 12/13 Faith Quest 5:30
    • 12/13 Advent Worship7:00pm
    • 12/13 Middle School Christmas Party 6:30
    • 12/15 High School Christmas Party 6:00
    • 12/17 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 12/17 Christmas Potluck & Decorating
    • 12/19 Yoga 9:00
    • 12/19 Bible Study 10:00
    • 12/19 Advent Worship 11:15 am
    • 12/20 Faith Quest 5:30
    • 12/20 Advent Worship 7:00pm
    • 12/21 Preschool Jesus' Birthday Party 6:30
    • 12/24 Worship 10:00
    • 12/24 Christmas Eve Worship 4/7/9:00
    • 12/25 Christmas Day Worship 10:00
    • 12/31 Worship 8/9:30/10:45

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It is our joy as Christians to respond to God’s love and compassion through our gifts.


Memorial Fund

The purpose of Memorial Fund donations is to provide a way for families and friends to honor a loved one.   Our congregational leadership has a conversation with families about designating gifts for specific purposes.  Together they prayerfully and thoughtfully determine how this gift will best serve God through Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.  The Memorial Fund Committee develops and maintains a list of possible uses for memorial funds that do not fall into our normal operating budget.   The gift will be spent in full based on the request of the family.  Should you wish to make a donation to the Memorial Fund, please indicate who is being honored.  Gifts can be mailed to Holy Trinity, Attn: Memorial Fund Committee, 6322 Lakeview Street, Littleton, CO  80120.


Mission Endowment Fund

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to extend the mission of the church by supporting opportunities for ministry beyond the general operations of the church, such as missions, seminary scholarships and community projects.   There are many ways to give: cash gifts, vehicle donation (see link below), stocks and bonds, real estate, charitable trusts & charitable gift annuities. Gifts will keep on giving as the principal is held permanently and only the earnings are used to fund ministry.  For those who care deeply about Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, the Endowment Fund provides the means for people to express gratitude to God for blessings they have received.   The Endowment Fund, is a fund separate from the Memorial Fund, in that funds are invested to provide long term benefits for the church with only earnings being expended for various ministries.   Please contact an Endowment Fund Committee member or the church office for more information at 303/798-1356.

Vehicle Donation Program - Program Partner: Vehicles for Charity.

or call 1-866-628-2277


Monthly Ministry Emphasis

Monthly, Holy Trinity thoughtfully determines how a Ministry Emphasis gift will best serve God.  Our community identifies a local or global ministry to emphasize through the noisy offering during worship, and at the end of the month we are able to provide a cumulative donation.  In this way Holy Trinity has been able to support a variety of ministries and programs that include: The Rocky Mountain Synod, ELCA - Better Together Fund, Family Promise of Greater Denver, Rainbow Trail & Sky Ranch Camps, El Salvador Missions, Casa Esperanza and Reconciling Works.   The selected ministry can be found in the monthly newsletter and the weekly bulletin.  Gifts can be made during weekly worship by giving to the "noisy offering" or making out checks to "Holy Trinity" with the ministry in the memo.



Thank you.  All gifts serve the Church and its ministries, and we pray that your donation blesses you as well.