• AA Meeting every Friday 1pm
    • 9/19 Advocacy Team 4:30
    • 9/20 Ruth Circle 9:15
    • 9/20 Piece Circle 1:00
    • 9/20 Jubilate Ringers Rehearsal 6:30
    • 9/20 NO Faith Quest
    • 9/21 Bishop's Call to Pray, Fast & Advocate
    • 9/21 Executive Committee
    • 9/21 NO Chancel Choir Rehearsal
    • 9/18-20 Rocky Mt Synod Theological Conf
    • 9/24 Worship 8/9:30/10:45
    • 9/25 Lydia Circle 1:00
    • 9/26 Church Council 7:00
    • 9/27 Jubilate Ringers Rehearsal 6:30
    • 9/27 Ecumenical Vespers 7:00
    • 9/28 Chancel Choir Rehearsal 7:15
    • 9/30 Financial Peace 9:00
    • 10/6-8 RMSWO Conference

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Columbarium & Memorial Wall

Like the churchyard cemetery of the past, the Columbarium and Memorial Wall is a special place near the sanctuary that is dedicated to our deceased loved ones. It gives us a quiet place to remember those who are at rest and to give thanks for their lives. The Columbarium is a peaceful and dignified area for memorializing your loved one following cremation with individual or companion niches. The Memorial Wall is an attractive space for individual granite facing stones with name plaques for remembrance. The quiet location is in the courtyard adjacent to the sanctuary with surrounding flowering plants, bushes, and large native evergreen trees. The Columbarium and Memorial Wall are alongside the Labyrinth, which is a space for meditation and reflection.




Rest eternal grant them, O Lord. Let light perpetual shine upon them.


To purchase a Columbarium Niche or a Memorial Wall Plaque, and to get more information, please contact us, 303-798-1356. For more detailed information, you may read the official purchase agreement located in the church office. 

Costs: Single Inurnment $2200, Double Inurnment $2500 (Includes: niche, urn(s), facing stone and engraving), Plaque $500 (includes facing stone and engraving)